Never enter your online account password in public computers.
» PassKeeping will store an encrypted form of your password for later retrieval when you are using public computers.
» Your real password is never stored anywhere; it does not even get transmitted to
» It is virtually impossible to get hacked through PassKeeping, because you never enter your username -- only your password.

If you never type your password, it can never be recorded.
PassKeeping is the ultimate protection against keyloggers and prying eyes.
Login from any Internet cafe, use any public computer you want without the risk of key loggers.

Why our approach will eliminate all kinds of threats from key loggers and phishing sites.
Will you be using a public computer in the near future?
Do not enter your real password there; login through!

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If you have already added your account password before:
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Once you enter your combination of access code and access password, it will be deleted from our website. In essence, you are using a one-time password which is immune to eavesdropping.
Please click the button only once.
Proceeding will remove your code/password combination.

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